Outpatient vs Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment


Inpatient Rehab

A safe and structured environment is an important aspect of drug or alcohol recovery. Addicts seeking recovery need the chance to devote time and attention to learning new coping skills and building a strong sense of self-worth. One of the main benefits of inpatient drug rehab is the time away from the addictive substance. Therapy is provided on a daily basis as are support groups, which encourage people to share advice and foster trust.

Detoxification and withdrawal are more comfortable under 24-hour supervision. Because withdrawal symptoms are a main reason addicts struggle to stay sober, being in an inpatient facility removes all chances of a relapse for as long as they stay in treatment. Building that month or more of clean time can be a great building block for a lifetime of sobriety. Medications might be prescribed to relieve symptoms of mental illness or reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol. At A New Today Addiction Centers, everything you or your loved one needs, such as recovery resources and an experienced staff, are available in a single setting where you or your loved one can focus exclusively on your rehabilitation. Inpatient substance abuse help can be a life changing experience for those who desire a new way of life.


Outpatient Rehab

Sure, outpatient programs allow you or your loved one to maintain work, school, and home obligations.  Someone with a dual diagnosis, for example, is less motivated and compliant when it comes to following rules such as keeping counseling appointments or attending group meetings. Outpatient programs are geared toward people who are cognizant of the fact that they have a substance abuse problem and want to change. Many times, people with drug or alcohol dependencies have trouble with denial and need specialized attention and encouragement without distractions or temptations.


Start Substance Abuse Treatment Today

Remembering who you were prior to your drug or alcohol addiction might produce mixed emotions. Maybe you enjoyed your life before you started abusing drugs or alcohol, but you are afraid to return to old habits that triggered your addiction in the first place.

It’s okay to be scared of changing, this is common for many people seeking sobriety. Take the first step toward recovery by calling us. We are here to help you a long the way. We will verify your insurance and get you into treatment for little to no cost! At A New Today Addiction Centers, our treatment programs can help you regain your sense of self and help you get back to being who you really are.